Art By Li Xuan

Li Xuan (1941-2011)

Li Xuan was a Chinese famous painter. He was born on July 1, 1941, in Beijing.
His painting mainly blended traditional Eastern ink wash drawing with Western modes of art-making.

In 1956, he was admitted to the central Art Academy in China.
In 1967 – , He worked at Taiyuan daily newspaper. His works include comic books, Chinese paintings, oil paintings, watercolors, sculpture and so on.
In 1986, The artist worked in Taiyuan ancient architecture group.
In 1990, The artist started an art studio of his painting.
In 1996, The artist set up a gallery of YU ZHI.
In 2010, The artist published his first personal painting album.
In 2011, The artist died in his studio, at the age of 70.
Today his painting are held in various international private and public collections.

Li Xuan started painting at the age of eight. He spent his life exploring how to combine western painting with Chinese painting. Combing the gestural movements of traditional calligraphy with the compositional structure of western abstraction, the work is always telling a story. He expresses his thoughts and feelings through his brush with all his life’s energy and all his wisdom.

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