Calligraphy: Three Poems by Li Bai

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Artist: Jiangang Su
Three Poems by Li Bai
Chinese ink on paper
69 x 23 CM
March 2021

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Artist: Jiangang Su
Three Poems by Li Bai
Chinese ink on paper
69 x 23 CM
March 2021

In May, the Tianshan Mountains are still full of snow, with only the biting cold and no flowers and plants.
Spring can only be imagined in the song “Zhang Yang Liu” with the flute sound, and spring has never been seen.
During the day, the soldiers fought desperately against the enemy with the sound of golden drums, but at night they slept with their saddles in their arms.
I hope that the sword hanging from the waist can settle the frontier as soon as possible and contribute to the country.

On the boat where Mulan used the oars and Shatang as the boat, flute music was played at both ends of the boat.
The boat carried Qianhu wine and glamorous singing girls, allowing it to drift along the river.
The immortal on the Yellow Crane Tower is still waiting to go to the immortal on the yellow crane, but I, a sea guest, swims with the white gulls unconsciously.
Qu Yuan’s verses still hang side by side with the sun and the moon, and the hill on which the king of Chu built buildings is now empty.
When I am in a good mood, I can shake the five mountains with my pen.
If fame, wealth and honour can grow, Han River will probably flow backwards to the northwest.

Ascend the Yueyang Tower and look far to the south of Tianyue Mountain, with a panoramic view of the boundless scenery.
The river flows into the vast distance, and the Dongting Lake is vast and open, and the ocean is boundless.
The geese flew high, taking away the heart of sorrow and depression; when the moon came out of the mountain pass, it seemed as if the mountain came to the reunion and beautiful moon.
Lodging and drinking in the Yueyang Tower is like being in the sky and clouds.
The height of the building is very windy, and the heights are very cold.
After drunk, the cool breeze is everywhere, the breeze is blowing, and the sleeves are fluttering.

Three of Li Tai Bai’s Poems
Calligraphy by Jiangang Su at Leaf Sweeping Studio, Vancouver
March 2021

Jiangang Su (born in 1974), graduated from Changshu Institute of Technology in Arts and Crafts. He specializes in traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal carving. In the 1980s, he studied under Mr. Yan Gongda, a famous calligrapher and seal carver. Su is also an experienced art educator. His works are collected internationally and appear in the private collections of many art institutions and galleries. In 2017 he served as the Art Director of the Canada 150th Anniversary International Tea Festival. Su is a member of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, the Suzhou Calligraphers Association, and is a senior registered Teacher of China.

2016 Carried by Materials and Navigating One’s Mind – Calligraphy and Crafts Exhibition organized by Suzhou Daily and Suzhou Art
2016 The Weight of Time – Documentary of Jiangang Su’s Art by Suzhou TV Station
2017 Moved to Vancouver. The refreshing style of his paintings are favoured by collectors in Toronto and Vancouver
2018 Artistic Conception Transcends Image – Exhibition of Jiangang Su’s Art, Shanghai

2020 Resonance of Paper Drifting – Exhibition and Online Auction of Paintings and Calligraphy by Jiangang Su, YKLM Auctions, Lipont Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2021 Happiness Lasting Forever – Exhibition and Online Auction of Paintings, Calligraphy and Seal Carving by Jiangang Su, YKLM Auctions, Lipont Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Canada 150th Anniversary Celebrations-Artist Achievement Award

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