(SOLD) DiverseCity

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Artist: Chito Maravilla
(SOLD) DiverseCity
acrylic on cardboard
37.5 x 34 inches

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Artist: Chito Maravilla
(SOLD) DiverseCity
acrylic on cardboard
37.5 x 34 inches

These are collected images I saw and felt of my city painted in a light-hearted parade of the social nature of the people. Their beliefs and perceptions of a diverse lifestyle are displayed by a vibrant, healthy, and harmonious community.

Images of a young girl soaring like a bird. A mixed race family standing high above the developing infrastructures. An indigenous profile on a high five. A group of seniors, either like floating balloons at ease, or one meditating. A ballerina in all her grace and artistic posture, and a young, determined road worker flaunting his tribal tattoo- all of which stand in the horizon overlooking the Skytrain and the Fraser River. Above these is a literal gesture of the word “LOVE”, in the display of a sign language.

This is how rich and diverse this place is, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Ferdinand “Chito” Maravilla

Ferdinand “Chito” Maravilla has worked for 16 years as an art director at Campaigns & Grey Advertising in Manila. He worked on various print ads and TV commercials for local and multinational accounts.

Two of the TV spot animations he designed for Delmonte Juice drink and Department of Health won a Silver Award and received recognitions.

Chito and his family moved to Canada in May 2002. After a month, he landed a job as a graphic designer at Creative Advertising in Richmond. Later on, he joined two playground manufacturing companies where he enjoyed designing surround areas and sculpting play pieces. He was part of the team that designed the children’s playground at Guildford Mall, Brentwood Mall, Richmond Centre, other parts of Canada and in the US.

And in the recent years up to the present, The following are the artworks that gained awards and recognition:

2011 “City’s Fireworks Display” 1st Place Surrey Art Gallery 2011 Juried Exhibition
2013 “Dance the Night Away” 1st Place & People’s Choice Award. Arts Council of Surrey
2014 “Shadows of Green Timbers” 1st Place Arts Council of Surrey
2014 “Skytrain Fashion” Honourable Mention Surrey Art Gallery 2014 Juried Exhibition

His series of drawings have been displayed at the Vancouver International Airport since 2012 to highlight his talent as an emerging local artist.

Chito is currently working as a graphic designer with Smartfilms, and is an active participant of Dimasalang III Artist`s Group and other organizations in the community. He lives with his wife and 2 sons, who are all very supportive of his arts.

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