How to Buy

Real Estate

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The steps are simple and familiar, not much different from your regular multiple offer sales!

If you have a real estate agent:

  1. Have your agent fill out an offer and send it along with a signed Terms & Conditions
  2. Register for an account on this website
  3. Continue to bid either online or offline

If you do NOT have a real estate agent:

  1. Due to government regulations, we will have to verify your identity in person
  2. Please contact us at to book an appointment
  3. We will verify your identity (please bring a government issued photo ID) and help you fill out the required documents
  4. Register for an account to continue bidding online

Easy & Efficient. That is our goal.

Our Auction Model includes:

  • Transparent pricing – you get to see all other buyers’ bid prices
  • Absolute fairness – nobody left in the dark
  • Equal opportunities – everybody bids at the same time
  • Prices will be posted ONLINE for ease of access at


Our creative team will create a unique name for your property, and develop the necessary branding and marketing material to promote your property

We will develop a story while creating print and digital awareness

Collaborate with partners in the industry

Preview Events

Campaigns & Content Marketing

Community Engagement

Social Media


Promotion of Property

Special Events

Transparent & Stress Free

We work closely with home owners, listing Realtors and potential buyers to ensure seamless transactions

Exciting bidding environments in a professional & competitive atmosphere

Online bidding options for all LIVE Auctions

Thank you for visiting us

For more questions about our services, please contact us or leave us a message, our specialist will be happy to get back to you!