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16 x 4 x 4 英寸

马修·斯科特(Matthew Scott)是一位陶艺家,致力于创作对我们对手工制品的观念提出挑战的作品。他利用大量生产的技术,创造了存在于个体与复制品之间的物体。

Matthew Scott Artist Statement
My studio practice revolves around my fascination with materiality, process and the interplay between the two. I am intrigued by the nature of clay and its willingness to accept manipulation while also asserting its own will. I have been exploring methods of mold-making and slip casting as a means of novel artistic expression and my practice has been driven by creating unique systems of production. By utilizing methods of reproduction while maintaining a heavily influential hand in the process, I interrupt the systems efficiency and create an object that straddles the line between a reproduction and an individual. While methods of slip casting have been predominantly used as a technique for efficient reproduction, I see a wealth of potential in exploring slip casting through a lens of experimentation and innovation. I view my role in the making process as the “setter of parameters” for the material to respond within. I rely on the inherent materiality of clay and plaster to continue the creation of the work without further intervention for myself.

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