A Power for Us

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A Power for Us

Alina Yuan

11 x 15

Watercolor & Pencil Crayons


My drawing is explaining how the doctors and nurses are doing so much for us which relates to the topic reverence for life, cherish the world. The phone and the instagram post is to present to people how this is a world-wide crisis and we are not unaccompanied. The ball/virus is COVID-19 is rolling towards the people underneath which fundamentally means the people underneath that touches it gets the virus. The doctor pushing it represents all the doctors and how they need to work so hard to keep us safe even though they are in contact with coronavirus everyday. It indicates how hardworking and brave they are, putting their lives in danger and not seeing their loved ones is hard. This picture is to thank them for doing so.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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